Äthiopischer Solino Fair Kaffee Espresso Art no.: 7008344

Ethiopian Arabica coffee from fair trade

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Solino espresso roasted coffee traditionally roasted in Ethiopia

This spicy, chocolaty Arabica Espressi (whole beans) is the first coffee to be roasted and packaged by hand in Ethiopia. Solino does not import the raw beans, but roasts this coffee in the traditional drum roaster in Addis Ababa, with the greatest care and at a low temperature. Roasting in the country of origin increases the value of the coffee and creates fair and qualified jobs for people in Ethiopia

Espresso. 100% pure Arabica highland coffee. Whole beans. Dark roasting in the drum roaster, 23 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius. Ideal for portafilter machines, espresso makers and fully automatic machines.
Fruity and chocolate aroma.

Solino Fair coffee is not only grown and dried in the highlands of Ethiopia, but is also roasted on site. This has created 120 jobs for locals.

Due to the gentle roasting, the aroma develops optimally and the coffee is particularly digestible.

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